Tag: Videography

  • Silver Spoon 2022

    Silver Spoon 2022

    An aftermovie produced for the Silver Spoon event in 2022.

  • Organic Shop

    Organic Shop

    Short advertisement for Organic Shop’s new product line – Apricot & Mango.

  • HEAK


    HEAK is an educational non-profit organization. We developed digital classroom content for their enterpreneurship courses.

  • Видеоблог Два.ноль

    Видеоблог Два.ноль

    Видеоблог Два.ноль (“vlog two.naught”) is a multi-episode YouTube production by the psychologist Angelica Lensment and enterpreneur Nikolai Sekachev.

  • Neposedõ Anniversary

    Neposedõ Anniversary

    An Estonian dancing collective “Neposedõ” was looking to create a series of commemorative videos for their anniversary.

  • BeU #SuperHumans

    BeU #SuperHumans

    BeU #SuperHumans is a charitable foundation that assists children with special needs.

  • Lifestyle Baltic

    Lifestyle Baltic

    Lifestyle Baltic is a running TV project produced by Anatoly Ein, for whom we film and edit content since 2020.